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Sellers present during a Home Inspection

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

There are compelling reasons why sellers should consider not being present during a home inspection. Typically, buyers feel more at ease when they can freely communicate with their inspector and real estate agent without the sellers' presence.

When sellers are present during a home inspection, it can inadvertently give the impression that the buyers are guests rather than prospective homeowners evaluating a property. This presence has the potential to disrupt the inspection process and may inadvertently intimidate the buyers. Sellers might become emotional, engage in conversations with the inspector, shadow their every move, or attempt to assist during the inspection, all of which can divert the inspector's attention and time. This added stress can make buyers uncomfortable and introduce doubt, potentially jeopardizing the effectiveness of the inspection.

A fundamental objective of a home inspection is to identify any defects or issues in the home. Overhearing negative comments between the inspector and buyers may lead sellers to become argumentative and defensive, straining relationships with inspectors and agents. Sellers might feel compelled to justify or explain the identified problems, creating an uncomfortable and stressful atmosphere for all parties involved.

To promote a more positive experience for buyers, inspectors, and facilitate an open, neutral atmosphere, it is advisable for sellers to step away from the inspection process. This approach can enhance the overall home-buying experience and contribute to a smoother purchase transaction.

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