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Sellers present during a Home Inspection

For many reasons, sellers being present during a home inspection might not be a good idea.  Usually, a buyer will feel more comfortable without the sellers at the home during a home inspection. This way, buyers can communicate openly with their inspector and real estate agent.

Sellers that are present during a home inspection can make the buyers feel like a guest in the home rather than being allowed time alone with the house they are considering buying.  Having the sellers present can unintentionally interfere with the inspection process and can possibly intimidate the buyers. Sellers that are present during a home inspection may get emotional and could engage in conversation with the inspector, follow him around or try helping him during the inspection process. This can cause the inspector to lose time and focus. The added stress from this situation could make buyers very uncomfortable and even create doubt, possibly jeopardizing the home inspection process as a result. 

One facet of a home inspection is to identify any defects and problems in the home, and hearing negative comments between the inspector and buyers can make a seller argumentative and defensive against the inspectors and even agents. Sellers may feel the need to justify and explain the defects or problems being mentioned creating a very stressful and uncomfortable situation for everyone.

It is recommended that the sellers remove themselves from the inspection process in order to create a better experience for the buyer, inspector and allow a more neutral and open atmosphere for everyone involved and facilitate the purchase of the home.

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