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About 4 Eyes Home Inspections Home Inspector in Miami Lakes, FL.


Professional & Certified Home Inspector
Henry Barrios

State of Florida License HI 9929

Henry Barrios is the owner and lead inspector of 4 Eyes Home Inspections. He holds licensure in the state of Florida as well as ICA (Inspection Certification Associates) certifications. He is also a Licensed & Certified FAA Drone Pilot.

His reputation, education and Integrity has granted referrals from top realtors, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, title companies, listing agents, attorneys and most of all from home buyers themselves. You are urged to visit our client reviews pages.


Professional , Knowledgeable & Experienced Home Inspectors.

Henry is a skilled and dedicated certified professional home inspector with a wealth of experience cultivated through a diverse background encompassing real estate investments, property renovations, and improvements, along with an impressive track record of conducting thousands of inspections in the vibrant region of South Florida.

In addition to his extensive hands-on expertise, Henry has diligently pursued comprehensive home inspector training, undergoing a rigorous curriculum that includes immersive live classroom sessions, online modules, and video training courses. His commitment to continuous learning is exemplified by his dedication to ongoing education, ensuring he remains at the forefront of his field.

As a testament to his dedication and professionalism, Henry is obligated to stay current in his certifications by regularly undertaking inspection courses that cover the interior and exterior aspects of homes. These courses comprehensively address the common and critical concerns of prospective home buyers, spanning areas such as exteriors, interiors, heating and cooling systems, roofs, plumbing, and electrical systems.

Henry's commitment to excellence extends to his active membership in the esteemed Home Inspectors Association of South Florida, further validating his commitment to upholding the highest industry standards. Furthermore, his certifications from the world's most prominent home inspection associations underscore his unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier inspection services. Henry's extensive qualifications make him the ideal choice for anyone seeking a trusted and experienced home inspector in South Florida.

A race to the bottom benefits nobody.


Seeking a cost-effective home inspector may seem appealing, but it can pose risks to your real estate transaction's success. Opting for lower-priced inspectors often means compromising on expertise and thoroughness. These inspectors may prioritize quantity over quality, leading to rushed inspections and critical defects being overlooked. In South Florida, the trend of budget-friendly

inspections is growing, urging consumers to exercise caution and thorough research when selecting an inspector. Just as you wouldn't skimp on quality when choosing a surgeon for a critical medical procedure, investing time and effort into finding a reputable home inspector is crucial for such a significant investment. At our firm, we prioritize delivering top-notch home inspections to each client. We understand the potential long-term costs of hastily conducted inspections. It's essential to resist the allure of low prices, as they can translate to higher expenses down the line. Florida boasts a high concentration of home inspectors, but not all may offer reliable services. Thorough research is paramount, ensuring you prioritize competence over affordability. Investing in a reputable inspector guarantees a wise and informed decision regarding your property purchase, safeguarding your investment for the future.

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A Home Inspector That Puts Customers First

Henry's unwavering commitment to ensuring his customers have a seamless and positive experience is the cornerstone of his career. He loves working one-on-one with people, offering advice, patience, and professional expertise. His passion for helping others makes him the ideal choice for first-time homebuyers and anyone looking to purchase a home. Henry's goal is to ensure that buyers, realtors, and inspectors are all on the same page, creating a seamless and enjoyable home-buying process.

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