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Professional & Certified Home Inspector
Henry Barrios

State of Florida License HI 9929

Henry Barrios is the owner and lead inspector of 4 Eyes Home Inspections. He holds licensure in the state of Florida as well as ICA (Inspection Certification Associates) certifications. He is also a Licensed & Certified FAA Drone Pilot.

His reputation, education and Integrity has granted referrals from top realtors, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, title companies, listing agents, attorneys and most of all from home buyers themselves. You are urged to visit our client reviews pages.

Professional , Knowledgeable & Experienced Home Inspector

Henry is a certified professional home inspector. His inspection experience comes from previous years of home buying and investing in real estate in South Florida. Besides his hands-on experience, Henry has acquired home inspector training which includes dozens of live classroom, online, and video training courses in addition to ongoing education. In order to maintain certifications, Henry is required to take inspection courses related to the interior and exterior of the home, including the common and major areas of concern for home buyers, such as the exteriors, interiors, heating and cooling, roof, plumbing, and electrical systems.

Henry is an active member of Home Inspectors Association of South Florida. He holds certifications from the worlds largest home inspection associations.

  • Certified Electrical Inspector

  • Certified Exterior Inspector

  • Certified HVAC Inspector

  • Certified Thermal Imaging Inspector

  • Certified Moisture Instrusion Inspector

  • Certified Plumbing Inspector

  • Certified Roof Inspector

  • Certified Appliances Inspector

  • Certified Wood Destroying Organism Inspector 

  • Certified 4pt Insurance Inspector

  • Certified Wind Mitigation Insurance Inspector

  • Certified Deck Inspector

  • Certified Energy Efficient Roof Inspector

What makes us different 

Low-cost home inspections are becoming very prevalent here in South Florida. As a consumer, you must be diligent and informed when looking for a home inspector.  Many of these low-cost inspection companies schedule in volume in order to make a profit because of the cost associated with multi inspection firms. So they overbook and as a result, they will very often use a “production line process” which results in overlooking details. " If your overbooking , your overlooking ." We typically keep our inspection schedules to one per day. This enables us to give our full attention to each inspection and client which ensures a thorough and complete inspection. A typical full home inspection performed by us can take upwards of 2.5 - 3 hours to complete.  We are committed to performing the best home inspection for each client. Buyer beware, as low-cost & quick inspections will end up costing much more in the end. 

A race to the bottom benefits nobody

Searching for the cheapest home inspector creates a ripple effect that hurts everyone.

Inspectors charging less need to book more inspections to remain profitable which

means spending less time with clients. Less time leads to lower quality inspections and 

potentially missed defects. 


A Home Inspector That Puts Customers First

Henry’s customer’s positive experience is his top priority. He loves working one-on-one with people, offering advice, patience, and professional expertise to all of his customers. He enjoys getting to work with new people every day, and always take the extra time that’s necessary to make sure that buyer, realtor, and inspector are all on the same page. Henry absolutely loves helping people, his passion for working closely with others makes him the ideal home inspector for first-time homebuyers.

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