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A service versus a product- price matching

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Purchasing the Same Product from Two Different Locations with Different Prices:

In this scenario, you are buying an identical product from two different retail locations, and the main difference lies in the prices offered. These differences in price can be due to various factors, such as location, competition, overhead costs, discounts, or promotions. The product itself remains the same, and you are essentially comparing the cost and potentially the convenience of buying it from one source versus another, so it doesn't really matter where you are buying them from.

Hiring a Service from a Home Inspector Versus Another Home Inspector:

In this scenario, you are seeking a service, not a physical product. The primary difference is the choice of the service provider, which can lead to variations in the quality of work, reliability, expertise, pricing, and overall customer experience. You are comparing different professionals for the same type of service, and the outcome may vary significantly based on their skills, reputation, and the specific terms of the service agreement.

In summary, the first scenario involves comparing prices for the same product at different retail locations, while the second scenario involves choosing between different professionals to provide a service, where the quality and experience of the service can differ greatly.

This is why price matching with Home Inspectors is unrealistic

It is essential to grasp the distinction when considering a home inspector; you are procuring a service rather than a product. To illustrate, suppose you decide to purchase a 2023 Toyota Rav4 XLT model from one dealership and then explore another dealership. In this scenario, you are acquiring the exact same product from different dealerships. However, the situation differs when you embark on a quest for a home inspector. Here, you are seeking out two or three distinct services from various inspectors, resulting in disparate experiences. This discrepancy does not occur when you purchase the exact same product, as in the case of the 2023 Toyota Rav4 XLT model. Therefore, attempting to negotiate the cost of a home inspection or pursuing price matching in this context is impractical and unrealistic, similar to trying to negotiate or price match the fees of two different surgeons. A crucial distinction exists between having a product and acquiring a service. all content of this blog are copyright protected ©

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