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Condensors having no identification

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

As Home Inspectors, one of our most significant challenges and sources of frustration stems from the absence of clear identification on rooftop air conditioning condensing units in condominiums. Condos often lack the necessary labels or markings to reliably determine the owner of these units. This absence of identification poses a serious hindrance to thorough inspections, as the unidentifiable condensing units cannot be properly examined. Consequently, we are forced to disclaim and forego inspecting these units, which can impact the overall assessment of the property.

Please keep in mind that home inspectors primarily focus on inspection tasks and may not possess specialized HVAC equipment or utilize exhaustive methods to identify these units. In some cases, an inspector may attempt to communicate with someone inside the property via cell phone to request that the equipment be turned off while they are on the roof trying to identify the unit. However, this approach is infrequent, labor-intensive, and time-consuming.

To streamline the identification process, it is strongly advised to have a qualified HVAC contractor or professional mark the condensing units on rooftops with labels, decals, markings, etchings, or permanent identifiers. This ensures efficient and accurate identification while maintaining the safety and convenience of the inspection process.

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