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Condensors having no identification

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

One of the greatest frustrations we have as Home Inspectors is the lack of identification from the air conditioning condensing units found on condo rooftops. Condos are notorious for not having labels or markings that can safely identify the owner of the condensing unit. When the condensor is not found, it cannot be inspected properly causing the unit to be disclaimed and not inspected as a result.

Keep in mind home inspectors are just that, Inspectors ! We don't carry specialized HVAC equipment and excert exhaustive means to identify these units. There could be a situation where the inspector might try communicating with someone inside the property via cell phone and having the person inside turn off the equipment while the inspector is on the roof attempting to identify the unit. But this situation is rare, cumbersome and time consuming. It is always recommended to have your HVAC contractor or qualified person identify the condensing units on rooftops by placing a label,decal, markings, etchings, or permanent markings to the units.

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