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Avoid the reptile

The proliferation of iguanas in South Florida has evolved into a significant issue, as their increasing numbers are causing extensive damage in and around residential and commercial structures. They are burrowing into the foundations and perimeters of buildings, resulting in structural problems. To effectively deter these creatures from burrowing, a comprehensive strategy is essential. Here are some recommended measures:

1. Comprehensive Perimeter Grading: One of the primary steps to combat this issue involves meticulously grading the areas around the perimeter of your home. The objective is to eliminate any gaps or openings where the ground meets the walls. This meticulous grading process will prevent iguanas from finding entry points and burrowing beneath structures.

2. Rooftop Plumbing Vent Screens: A concerning observation is the absence of screens on rooftop plumbing vents. This vulnerability offers iguanas easy access to plumbing supplies, and in some cases, they have even emerged through toilets. To rectify this, installing screens on rooftop plumbing vents is crucial. These screens act as a barrier, preventing iguanas from entering your plumbing system. A low-cost metal screen is an effective and affordable solution for this purpose.

3. Trimming Excess Vegetation: Overgrown vegetation, particularly tree limbs hanging over the roof, provides iguanas with a pathway onto your roof and into plumbing stacks. Regularly trimming excess vegetation and removing overhanging branches is a preventive measure. By eliminating these access points, you reduce the likelihood of iguanas infiltrating your property.

4. Mindful Roof Vent Maintenance: While addressing the issue of rooftop vents, it's essential to emphasize that vents should never be blocked or capped. Proper ventilation is crucial for your home. Instead, rely on the aforementioned screens to safeguard against iguana intrusion while maintaining optimal airflow.

In summary, mitigating the iguana problem in South Florida requires a multi-faceted approach that includes meticulous grading, rooftop vent screens, vegetation management, and ensuring proper vent maintenance. Implementing these measures will help protect your property from iguana-related damage and inconveniences while maintaining the essential functions of your home. all content of this blog are copyright protected ©

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