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Nails above electrical panels.

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

We understand electrical panels are often eyesores and not part of your home decor and are usually installed in areas of the wall that will for sure cramp anyones style. In order for these grey monsters to look a bit more appealing covering them up is the attempted answer. A very common practice we find among homeowners is they will usually install a picture frame over them.

The issue with this, is often a screw or nail is driven above the electrical panel to hold the frame. This is a hazardous, because the screw or nail can come into contact with the electrical conductors behind the wall that usually runs vertically up the wall and cause a spark, trip the breaker or more seriously.. electric shock !

Electrical wires if installed correctly should most often run either vertically and or horizontally next to the studs on the walls, but unfortunately this is not always the case. This is why it's dangerous.

There should be no screws or nails anywhere around electrical panels unless they are for the cover itself, and even then the screws should be rated for electrical panels with blunt tip.

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